B18c Hybrid Information

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Core Basic Parts

Please make sure you do research on choosing the correct products for your car.

B18C Parts

JDM Style

JDM styling is also another big aspect to going to JDM. We will bring you some information on JDM parts for styling as well

B18C Engine parts:

b18c engine

B18C engine parts are now more availabe as more companies are providing parts whether just for show or internals for Go then ever. In the 90's small shops were creating custom made 1 off solutions for parts for fitment or just for an edge on someone else. Over time big companies picked up on the import scene and drove parts to mass market bring reliability to swaps or upgrades for everyone.
The 3 most talked about items for the B18C engine is whether you are going to Swap it into your ride, Turbo your B18 or Supercharge it! well NOS was always on the short list as some people just wanted that quick install but the long term guys wanted to mix NOS with whatever they choose as there major upgrade.

The B18c performance Parts list grows with what ever direction you go. For instance just going naturally aspirated would have you doing mild work to your engine or heavily modding it for just race. Block, Head and changing out the pistons, port and polish.. or as some call it PnP , Cams, lifters, I mean the list of items to upgrade are many but need to be tailored to what you are doing.. NA, Turbo, SuperCharge.. as they will need different B18c engine parts to match your engine needs to stay running. Often with engine work exhaust, Fuel and cooling will need to be done to match the new requesting measurements. Your electrical, ECU will also need a touch up to match your greater output. So after all that is done.. its time to Dyno your newly modified honda to see if it all comes together nicely.. If it goes well.. then you will need to think about Brakes.. because you will have increased your HP to a significant amount higher then your regular brakes are intended to handle. So do your homework on what all needs to be done before choosing your B18c parts.